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Charles Michel Leke

Charles boasts a deep, personal connection with the Mediterranean coastline, unmatched by most, positioning him as the undisputed expert in boat rentals at Monaco Boats.

His journey began with a sheer affection for the ocean, a passion that soon morphed into a professional vocation. During his formative years, Charles sharpened his skills by embracing various roles in Monaco’s vibrant maritime sector. This mosaic of experiences endowed him with a holistic understanding of boating requirements, rendering him an ideal fit for Monaco Boats.

His transition to Monaco Boats felt like a natural step forward. In his role as the premier boat rental specialist, Charles commits himself to crafting exceptional experiences for locals and tourists alike. He meticulously selects and upkeeps a diverse collection of vessels to accommodate various demands, from intimate escapes and family trips to business gatherings and individual expeditions. His extensive regional insights guarantee personalized recommendations for clients, directing them to undiscovered beaches, lively harbors, or secret dive locations.

Even in his downtime, Charles is drawn to the sea, whether he’s charting new paths or indulging in a tranquil sunset cruise with his loved ones. He frequently quips that the ocean was his earliest love, and though he’s sailed numerous waters, Monaco’s shores remain his anchor.

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