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Monaco Boats is the best solution to get market exposure for your boat in the South of France, from 30′ and over. Our expert brokers will accompany you in creating all the marketing content, from photos, videos and virtual tours to writing journalistic-level descriptions. Our robust digital marketing allows us to get an impressive amount of prequalified leads for your boat and offer you a choice of prospects. In collaboration with your yacht manager, our team will organise the yacht calendar to maximise your bookings and personal use of the vessel. 


The S Collection has access to the best photographers and videographers on the French Riviera. Our team traditionally used to work on large superyachts and now we want to bring our wealth of expertise to the smaller yacht market. We will create with you a collection of aerial, lifestyle, interior and exterior shots of the yacht to promote it across various platforms. A short video can also be made as well as a virtual tour to provide prospects with the very best experience for your vessel. Our copywriters are capable of crafting journalistic-level yacht descriptions to perfectly capture the essence of your most valued asset. 

Yacht Marketing

After evaluating the pricing opportunities of you vessel and defining together a high season and low season starting price, we will add the boat to our website and promote it across our various digital channels.  Thanks to strong digital marketing the websites of The S Collection are gathering a high amount of leads, that our team later prequalifies for you and sends over to your yacht manager for approval. Thanks to our large pool of repeat clients we are capable of offering multiple options for the free weeks of use of your yacht. 

Booking Management

The team at The S Collection will assist you in the management of your booking calendar, ensuring that you can maximize your use of the yacht. With long-lasting experience in the rental market, our team will advise on which bookings to take, deny or negotiate to ensure that your boat is used exclusively by the groups that match your preferences.

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Contact our experts to discover how our team can assist you with the marketing of your boat and bring quality rentals to offset the costs of one of your most valuable asset.