Elevating Luxury Yachting with Wellness

Welcome to an exciting new chapter in luxury boating, brought to you by St Tropez Boats in partnership with Dr IV. This unique collaboration marks a pioneering step in the luxury boating world, introducing a bespoke wellness experience aboard our exquisite yacht charters. It’s where the elegance of St Tropez Boats meets the innovative health solutions of Dr IV, creating an unparalleled maritime experience.

Tailored Wellness Journeys on the High Seas

St Tropez Boats is dedicated to curating an extraordinary experience for every guest. Aligning with this mission, we are thrilled to offer Dr IV’s exclusive St Tropez IV therapy sessions on board. These treatments are custom-designed for the unique needs of our clients, offering everything from vitality-boosting vitamin drips to custom wellness cocktails aimed at enhancing skin health and boosting immunity. It’s about personalizing your journey to wellness while you navigate the waters in style.

A Harmonious Blend of Luxury and Health

Integrating IV therapy into our yacht charters symbolizes our commitment to your well-being and luxury experience. Administered by professional healthcare practitioners, these treatments ensure you enjoy not just the serenity of the sea but also the best of health and vitality. It’s a seamless fusion of the relaxation offered by a St Tropez yacht voyage with the rejuvenation benefits of IV therapy.

Redefining the Yachting Experience

Imagine sailing the beautiful seas, feeling not only the tranquility of the ocean but also experiencing a renewed sense of well-being. This is what St Tropez Boats and Dr IV aim to offer. More than a health service, it’s a holistic approach to luxury boating, promising that every journey rejuvenates both body and mind.

Innovation in Maritime Luxury

Our partnership with Dr IV places St Tropez Boats at the forefront of innovation in the luxury maritime industry. We are proud to be pioneers in offering onboard IV therapy, in collaboration with a leading mobile IV therapy provider. This visionary step forward not only enhances our luxury boating offerings but also sets a new standard for wellness at sea.

Set Sail on a Voyage of Wellness and Luxury

Join us on this exceptional journey where high-end boating meets cutting-edge wellness. With St Tropez Boats and Dr IV, your yacht charter becomes more than just a voyage; it’s a journey towards rejuvenation and luxury. Embark with us on this unique experience, where each trip is as revitalizing as it is luxurious. Welcome to the future of luxury yachting with St Tropez Boats.


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