VAT on Yacht Charters

When planning a yacht charter in the south of France, one important factor to consider is the application of Value Added Tax (VAT). In France, VAT is a tax on goods and services that is currently set at a standard rate of 20%. However, there are some exceptions and rules that apply to the calculation… Continue reading VAT on Yacht Charters

Why do we survey our charter yachts regularly?

Surveying a yacht regularly in St Tropez is a crucial practice for those who charter the vessel. Not only does it help to ensure the safety and well-being of the guests and crew, but it also helps to maintain the value of the yacht and improve the overall satisfaction of the guests. In this article,… Continue reading Why do we survey our charter yachts regularly?

Our Network in St Tropez

From supercar rentals to helicopter flights, The S Collection is proud to have one of the most extensive networks of partners in the city of St Tropez. However, we have two partners who enable us to provide the highest level of service to yacht owners who entrust us with the charter of their yachts all… Continue reading Our Network in St Tropez

Covering our clients

Yacht chartering can be an exciting and enjoyable experience, but it also involves a number of legal complexities that can be daunting for those unfamiliar with the process. When it comes to ensuring that your yacht charter goes smoothly and that you are protected throughout the entire process, it can be incredibly advantageous to retain… Continue reading Covering our clients